The Deed is Done

Florence sighed, resting her head against the cool brick wall of the real estate agents. Paperwork was being scrunched up in her hand, unnoticed, and her body was tense, not ready to relax now the deed was done.

She’d just bought a plot of land. That didn’t have a house.

She was an absolute nutter.

She sound of someone approaching made her straighten and regain her ruffled composure. It wouldn’t do to be seen having a nervous breakdown when she’d just moved into town. No, she had to make a good first, second, upteenth impression. Every time. With a small nod to herself, Florence headed down the street. The agent who helped her with the paperwork informed her that there was a small business down the road that built small buildings for low prices. She had just enough in her bank account to get a small shed put up do house her until she could start work on her dream home, and she’d already paid a week in advance for her motel room.

Hopefully the builders would be done by then.