a post apocalyptic harry potter site set far into the future. a muggle war can only go so far before it affects the wizarding, and WWIII has destroyed the magical world as much as its own. all capable of-age wizards and witches, and magical creatures alike, joined forces to try and put a stop to the dropping of several bombs but they were no match for the awesome power of the muggle science in such magnitude. the last of their powers were used to save their children, the last hope for the continuation of wizarding kind.

now this next generation must use their powers to rebuild a devestated world - but there was so much to learn, and no longer any teachers. the elderly who could not fate have succumbed to the disease that spreads through the land, and there a fears that another war will break out - this time among those with magic. some wish to take control of the world 'as it should have been from the beginning', some wish to help rebuild civilization from the shadows - hidden like they always were. and some wish to reveal themselves to the muggles, hoping that with the recent catastrophe they will accept them and their gifts, and work together to save them all.

what will you choose?


welcome to pigfarts, a relaxing therapy resort for characters from all walks of harry potter universe life. have a character you never really got to play? or want some quick, fun role playing to tide you over till that delicious post is up in your mouth-watering thread on another site? or just want a break from slow moving threads and words counts? then pigfarts is the place for you!

we are a casual lit (proper grammar & spelling required!) harry potter site which allows you and your character to interact freely. your character knows they are a character, you know you are a player. we all know who wears the pants in the relationship. so why not delve deeper into your character-player relationship? why not try out certain relationships with other characters that you couldn't do on a stricter plot-based board? why not listen to inspiring words of wisdom from the likes of albus dumbledore, lord voldemort, j.k. rowling and other awe-inspiring places?

in short, pigfarts is a big bunch of lazy role play to give you quick relief and lots of laughs, and to allow you the opurtunity to create paths for your characters you never would have thought possible without the craziness of the wizarding school on the moon.


lets start at the beginning, mr potter! means to an end is a board that follows the story from harry's first year to the defeat of voldemort - however the main focus is not on hogwarts. though you can still be a student (and not just at hogwarts!) meansd to an end wishes to encompass as much of the wizarding world as possible to give you the chance to play out how the war affects the rest of the world.
there are options to role play in the past, but not the future. after the completion of following the books, we will forge our own original path into the gloridom on harry potter fandom. this will be a long project in the making, as we all want to get it right. interested parties who would like to help out please contact me!